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Privacy Policy


BLOUN will not submit any information supplied by the customers to third parties. We only demand the customers information essential to ordering of and billing for our products. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are required to confirm the orders and contact the customer in case of possible problem situations.


Information on user registry
Created 7.2.2016

Kiikostentie 8
FI-38360 Sastamala

2. Name of registry
BLOUN store user registry

3. Purpose of registry
Registry is used to maintain customer relations, contacting, marketing and other website related activities.

4. Contents of registry
Registry contains basic information of registered users, such as:
– name
– address
– phone number
– e-mail address

5. Sources of information
Only the data informed by person using the website is collected to the registry.

6. Information exposure & third parties
No information is exposed or given to third parties.
No information is exposed or given to outside EU of ETA.

7. Security principles of registry
All information collected by registry is placed in a safe database secured by a security software. Entry to the database requires a username & password. The database is also secured by firewalls and other technical methods. Only persons authenticated are granted access to the database. Database is located in a secure and guarded environment.

8. Registered users denial rights
A registered user has the right to deny registry maintainer from using information of him/her for marketing of research purposes. The denial is made by e-mail to info@bloun.com.

9. Registered users right to check information
A registered user has the right to check information of him/herself and receive a copy of that information. The check request is made by e-mail to info@bloun.com.

10. Correcting information
Maintainer of registry corrects, removes or updates any faulty, unnecessary or expired information automatically or by request. The request is made by e-mail to info@bloun.com.